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I had somewhat of a cathartic moment this morning in Hong Kong. That sounds way cooler than what it should be. With Wanderlust Explorers, Jen and I are going to attempt to write the travel blog that we want to read. We love beer, art, design, being outdoors and just pure travel.

There are so many little pockets and niches that are out there with travel that I just need to write my blog for me and people of my cut. My brother gave me a really fancy guide book (Thanks Mike!) but only some of the stuff was relatable. I think only 1-3% of the world is REALLY going to stay in that $500 a night hotel when they are paying for it on their own dime (not a work trip). That’s not reasonable. That’s not real travel.

We’re not full blown backpackers, but we do cut costs so that we can travel longer. We’re not booking the $100 a night room when the $35 a night room will work because it’s got everything we need – A/C, wifi, bottled water – just not granite countertops or Jacuzzi tub. We don’t really need that when we’re going to be out of the hotel 8-10 hours of the day exploring whatever city we are in that particular day. So that’s where we’re at, giving tips about travel and our adventures. We hope you stick around.

Written by Kiki – 04/08/2015


Welcome to Wanderlust Explorers! We are Kiki & Jen, newlyweds as of July 27th, 2013. We have been traveling across the U.S. since June of 2010. Jen is a travel RN (that’s where all of the traveling comes in) and Kiki is a Freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer (meaning she can work from anywhere).

To date we have been to 45 of 50 states, 1 territory (St. Thomas), Belize, Grand Cayman Islands, Honduras, Turks & Caicos, St. Maarten, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. We are currently in Shanghai, China for 3 months while Jen volunteer teaches nursing.

(photo taken in Xi’an, China while visiting the Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army)


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More about Jen

I have been a nurse for over ten years, specializing in ICU and CVICU patient care. The last four years have been spent as a travel nurse, moving every 3-6 months. I grew up in Michigan and travel nursing has brought me to Monterey, CA, Tucson, AZ, Tacoma, WA, Denver, CO, Palm Harbor, FL, Berkley, MI, Dallas, TX, Cleveland, OH, Sacramento, CA and, most recently New York City!

I love traveling, craft beer, and exploring the local culture and cuisine.


More about Kiki

Also from the great state of Michigan (Detroit suburbs), I went to Michigan State University and then finished up at the Creative Circus (it’s a portfolio school that is as amazing as it sounds). I’m an Art Director/Graphic Designer. You can view my full portfolio here. I’ve been freelance fulltime since 2008. I love to travel, read, drink  fancy craft beer and adventure (hence the blog).